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Custom Anniversary Songs
Customer Comments

Here are a few comments from Custom Anniversary Songs customers:

"My husband loved the song and there were tears in his eyes when he listened to it. My guests realized very early in the song that it was about us and the song just set the tone for the entire event. Guests came up and hugged us after the song and just wished us well. I had the song played as an accompaniment to our slide show and it was very beautiful. We ended with the CD back and cover pictures. There was so much love in that room and Al and I felt truly blessed to have such special people in our lives. Thank you for the beautiful song. We will cherish it."
--"Miss Fofana", Maryland  

"WOW! Kathleen delivers! We had no idea what to get Mom and Dad for their 40th anniversary. But, Kathleen solved the problem by creating a song all about our parents' lives. She even included their funniest moments about their elopement. The whole crowd at their party LOVED it and we gave each of the attendees a copy of the CD!"
--F. Mora, CA  

"We were never so moved, so surprised, and so awed by our children who gave us this wonderful gift of our own Golden Anniversary Custom Song! The best thing about it is that we can listen to it over and over again. Somehow the Song Legacy people were able to capture all the highlights of our 50 years together! We are so very grateful!"
--Lynn and Wallace, TX   

"Thank you so much for absolutely making Mom and Dad's Anniversary party a hit! They were so surprised and they're still laughing about it! They've played it for all their friends and relatives who couldn't make the party... and they said they've danced to it every night since the Big Bash! Do CD's wear out? Thanks again."
--L. Malone, NV   

"Wow! You and your team did a fantastic job on the song! I cannot believe all of the detail ... the card was great ... I didn't even expect that. The lyrics ... the CD cover and most of all, the sound was excellent ... so much like the way the Hawaiian Wedding song was done ... and in our words. Anyway, I cannot thank you enough! I gave her the card on the first night and did not say anything about the CD. She absolutely loved the card. I was not able to work it out to have it played when we were out somewhere, but as a backup, I asked that our room be supplied with a CD player. So the next evening I played it for her and she was in shock! She then drew the connection with the card from the day before. She was so happy that she played it several times that night.... What an incredible keepsake!"

--Steve H., Lodi, CA  

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